Tuesday, November 24, 2009

WOW! I got my Pro Card!!!

Wow what a weekend! Attended the 2009 NPC nationals competition in Hollywood, FL this past weekend and placed 1st in my division in the fitness bikini category...what a great experience! It was non-stop go-go-go. The weather was gorgeous and the water was so warm. Palm tress everywhere and the pristine beaches made me homesick for San Diego...I squeezed in 3 photo shoots and workouts as well all in between tanning, make-up & hair for pre-judging and finals. It was a crazy but fun weekend and I got to meet some beautiful people and I don't mean just on the outside. Aziel gets the award for manager/trainer of the year! In spite of being sick he kept my A.D.D. bootie on schedule and on locations early! Thank you baby! All of our hard work has paid off as I earned my pro-card Saturday night and I now am officially an IFBB pro! pinch me!


  1. You are amazing and inspiration to others! Who says you can't do it all!

  2. The mother's world of today is much more complex with the added distractions of technology and media. Finding balance has been your key to success, knowing when to say "no" , and organizing your priorities. I'd like to hear your take on how fitness fits into the new-age mother's schedule!