Saturday, April 30, 2011

T-minus 7 days!

Wow! 1 week to go! Where is the time going? At this point taking it day by day trying to get my workouts in with a different diet that is lower on the energy supply. I say no to just about anything asked of me as I'm feeling the pressure of getting everything done before my flight to Pittsburgh. It seems like drama is a requirement before a competition just to stir things up to make it interesting. One of mine these last couple of weeks were my purse getting stolen out of my car. That threw a wrench into the workouts but I can't let that undo all the work I've put into this competition for the last 9 months. No it wasn't that easy to dismiss at first but I will spare you the details & other drama & cut to the lesson when I say things like this WILL happen, you are not alone & it is a test to how much you can take & still cross the finish line with your best finish?
A huge part of these fitness competitions is mental. You need determination, discipline, a strong will, confidence, determination and a positive mindset. Every competition has brought different challenges for me & for every one, I try to take a lesson learned from it. A huge part of my excitement to compete in Pittsburgh are seeing my friends that shared my experience last year. I have wonderful memories of Pittsburgh 2010 and I feel like I'm going to a high school reunion. The friends I've made competing in different cities around the country have made for a wonderful support system of people who understand what you go through to compete. So with any competition you decide to participate in, don't keep to yourself in a corner with your headphones & your game face on. Reach out & get to know the other people competing with you. You have something in common & you might make some wonderful friendships. Really enjoy the experience for what it is....yes, it's a competition, but it's not just about winning or losing. For me, I've found that the connections you make with others are the most valuable trophies you will take away. I'm looking forward to goofin off with my sistas & brothas at the Veteran's memorial building again and eating chocolate backstage with my girls! oooh, can't think about chocolate now, gotta get thrue these next 7 days! lol!

Some pics from Pittsburgh Pro 2010

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