Monday, March 21, 2011

8 1/2 weeks out

This is 8 1/2 weeks and they will be the last photos taken before my cutting phase starts. The suit is not right but we're working on that and I feel pretty thick but then I haven't started cardio yet so this is where the fun begins, seeing how the body transforms with both proper nutrition and workout plans provided by my wonderful coach Adela. Thank you Adela for all of your guidance, encouragement, knowledge & support. I am very blessed to have a husband, coach, and friends who support & encourage me. It makes the journey more meaningful and it helps to give me that nudge I need to get to the gym sometimes when I think I'm too sore to workout or to stick to the nutrition plan when people around me are eating pasta. lol, THAT'S hard! You can have a great support system around you and purchase a plan from the best coaches but they can't control what you put in your mouth or how many workouts you get in. There is sooo much self-discipline involved on my part & what drives me are 2 things: I am representing my family, coach, manager & team and don't want to let them down, AND my contest photos will be posted on the internet. :P

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