Wednesday, March 23, 2011

OT- Getting Confirmation

I want to share an experience I had Monday afternoon. This is off topic but in my opinion pertinent to part of the why I do what I do. In between the kids, teaching classes at the gym, my workouts & cardio I've been trying to fit in getting my business off the ground. I have a vision of working with women (with a focus on moms) to help them help themselves have a better quality of life starting with fitness and integrating several other key components that I won't go into here. So anyway, I met with a potential client who is a working mother of four for a consultation. As she began to explain why she had called me and what she wanted me to help her with she became emotional. I could hear the frustration and feel how desperate she was for a change in her life. As a mom, I have been there and I see how prevalent it is in our society. Moms so often put themselves last on the list and give so much of themselves until they have nothing left to give. What they don't realize is that in the end everyone suffers as a result of their martyrdom. Starting an exercise regimen can be such a stress reliever and when your body changes you start to feel better about yourself.
I was starting to get discouraged about putting more into this business right now and then out of nowhere I got this call from this mom whom I've only met once before through my daughter's school and just happened to have given her my card. She called me after looking at my website and after having our consult together I knew it was God sending confirmation that this is what I need to do.

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